FastSharp is a text editor which lets you quickly compile and run C#, F# and Visual Basic code without opening up Visual Studio.  The way FastSharp works is pretty simple. It takes whatever you enter and wraps it in a Main method which is then wrapped in a class which then has a list of import statements appended above it (configurable through the settings dialog). It then compiles the code using the each languages CodeDom provider  and executes it. Because FastSharp wraps the code inside of a method block you can only write code that would normally compile inside of a method.

FastSharp comes in two forms: a windows application and a desktop gadget.


  1. Quickly compile and run C# code
  2. Lightweight application with a small file size and opens almost instantly
  3. A windows gadget that lets you execute code right from your desktop.


[download id=”11″]

You can find the source code on github.



Windows Application


Desktop Gadget

FastShatp Gadget

  • FastSharp! It is so great for learning!

  • Maybe Fast Sharp will become the “Missing Link” one day for Visual FoxPro programmers like me who have to (or want to) get to the .Net platform (leaving their old familiar VFP behind).
    Great job Matthew! Keep going! I told my friends about you:

  • Undisclosed name

    Nice tool but I would also appreciate some sort of command line that allows me to pass a string to the executable and also a .cs file.
    This would give me the chance to get away from the quite annoying powershell

  • tony vo

    very helpful, this app allow me write many test case in short time. thanks.

  • Интерфейс этой программы поддерживает русский язык?

  • BGM

    Salve! This is nice, but I wish it would let me test functions. I want to paste a function into it along with a call to the function and see the result. Thanks!

  • Luis

    Thanks, just what I was looking for!

  • jack

    unable to download
    how to downlaod it
    plzz help

  • does Fastsharp require that Visual Studio is installed? thx

  • Miller Kader

    it’s a great work ;thank you so much.