Snippet Designer 1.4.0 Released

Snippet Designer 1.4.0 has been released. You can get it from its CodePlex page, on the Visual Studio Gallery or through the extension manager in the Visual Studio IDE.

Snippet Explorer Changes


  • Reworked  language filter UI to work better in the side bar.
  • Added result count drop down which lets you choose how many results to see.
  • Language filter and result count choices are persisted after Visual Studio is closed.
  • Added file name to search criteria.
  • Search is now case insensitive.

Snippet Editor Changes


  • Added menu option for the $end$ symbol which indicates where the cursor should be placed after the snippet is inserted.
  • Added menu option for the $selected$ symbol which indicates where the selected text in the editor should be placed after the snippet is inserted. This requires a snippet type of SurroundsWith.
  • Exporting a snippet from the editor will now automatically escape “$” characters.
  • Existing snippet replacements will be detected and added when you paste a code snippet into the snippet editor.


For the complete change list see the issue page.

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  • Thanks for the update! I love the snippet designer! It makes it a breeze to create new snippets. I use it to create project specific snippets for recurring code blocks. Very useful!

  • Christian Jakobovic

    So small, so good, so easy to use! I love it!

  • Julio

    When I Export as Snippet I get the “Add New Item” dialog on VS2012, is this a known bug or am I missing something?

    • There is a known bug around using “export as snippet” from a web project. It works for all other project types but that one.

  • Daniel Lutz

    Hey i tried the current version with the rtm version of visual studio 2017 enterprise. I can open the snippet explorer but i find no standard snippets of the ide. With the shortcut “Ctrl+K+S” i can add a standard snippet like #region but in the snippet explorer is the listbox empty.