OpenWithTest 0.4 Released

OpenWithTest 0.4 has been release on the Visual Studio Gallery.

If you already have it installed you should get an update in your extension manager.

Release Notes

  1. Added an OpenWithTest toolbar button. This button allows you to quickly enable and disable the plugin.  I find this useful since sometimes I am just exploring code and don’t want to have all the test files open. However, once I am ready to code I can easily turn it back on.


    You can add this button by right clicking on the toolbar and selecting OpenWithTest.

  2. Added the ability to delete your index file. It is possible the the index file the plugin creates for your project may eventually get out of date.  In this case in may be helpful the purge the index and start fresh.  I added a new option menu that allows you to do this.  After you delete the index for a solution you need to close and reopen that solution for a new index to be built.

  3. Improved error handling.