DiffPlex 1.2 Released

I released version 1.2 of the DiffPlex library on both CodePlex and Nuget. This new version contains a few notable changes.

  1. A new class called InlineDiffBuilder which makes it easier to build inline diffs (the same way the existing SidebySideDiffBuilder enables side by side diffs).
  2. A new argument on the IDiffer interface which causes the diffing algorithm to ignore letter casing. (See work item)
  3. DiffPlex 1.2 now targets .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0


You can download the new version at the DiffPlex home page as well as contribute code/ideas to the project.

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  • praveen

    Hi Mathew,
    Could show how to use diffplex.dll in windows application….
    am expecting sample program like what will be return type?
    how i will pass richtext text to this dll functions….please help

    • Are you trying to diff RTF text? If so, that is a bit more complex since it will diff the RTF markup which is not what you really want I assume.

      If you look at the DiffPlex source code there is a Silverlight project that should should you how to get diffplex to interact with a GUI application. See TextBoxDiffRenderer.cs

  • Ashutosh

    Hi Matthew,

    This assembly does not have a strong Name. Can you please sign this assembly and post it?