Water Pipes: My first Windows Phone app

About the Game

My first Windows Phone application, Water Pipes, has just been published to the Marketplace.  You can download it to your Windows Phone by searching for “water pipes” in the Marketplace or, in the Zune software.

Water Pipes is a simple game where you must connect a series of straight and crooked pipes by rotating them.

Water Pipes Game         Water Pipes Game Completed

The game also contains a statistics page about your playing history and a settings page for adjusting the difficulty of the game.

Water Pipes Stats         Water Pipes Difficulty


I created this game by adapting the Silverlight application I made a couple years ago called Food Tube.  I originally thought porting it over to Windows Phone would be a very quick process (couple of days) but I decided to make it a bit harder for myself (couple of weeks).  Whenever I look at code I wrote in the past I have an undeniable urge to rewrite it since I know I can now do it better.  I rewrote most of the program so that it is cleaner and follows the MVVVM pattern. In addition, I took on the hard task (for me) of creating artwork for the game.  While it’s nothing amazing I am very pleased with how the pipe images turned out.