Chutzpah is now on GitHub

Today, I moved Chutzpah from CodePlex to GitHub. I made this move for a few reasons

  1. The feature set GitHub offers has grown increasingly compelling.
  2. There is a more active community on GitHub and I am hoping this will lead to more user engagement.
  3. I have received feedback from multiple Chutzpah users that they would like to have it moved to GitHub.


Source Code

Migration of the source code was simple since it’s all git.



The migration of the documentation was simple but time consuming. CodePlex uses a different syntax than MarkDown so I manually ported all the pages. If you notice any issues likes broken links please let me know.



The issue migration was interesting. I have a couple hundred closed/active issues on the CodePlex site. I considered just leaving the old ones on Codeplex but I really like having them all in one place. When I searched to find if anyone wrote a tool to do this I found the CodePlex Issues Importer, perfect! Well, there was a catch. That project hasn’t been updated in three years which meant it was using an old version of the GitHub API and was screen scraping looking for non-existent elements on the CodePlex site. I still started playing with this project and with some minor changes I was able to get it to work and import all of my issues to GitHub! I sent a PR to the CodePlex Issues Importer project with my fixes to help anyone else who wants to migrate.


What’s Left

There are still a few links that point to the CodePlex site in the VSIX packages. I will update these during the next release.