Chutzpah 1.3.0 Released

A new version of Chutzpah is now live on Visual Studio Gallery, CodePlex and now NuGet.

This release contains the following changes:


1. Chutzpah is now able to run Jasmine tests in addition to QUnit. This was a large feature and new Chutzpah contributor Ben (Qube) did an amazing job with it.

2. Added a new configuration option to set the timeout on a test file. By default this value is 3000ms but there are many cases when you may have long running tests where you need this to be longer. You can now set this timeout from the command line:

chutzpah.console.exe /timeoutMilliseconds 5000 mytest.js

You can also set this inside of Visual Studio using the newly added options menu. You can find this menu under Tools->Options->Chutzpah.



Bug Fixes

1. Chutzpah now copies over the text fixtures that you set in your html test harness.

2. Added missing doctype on the generated test harness.

3. Fixed bug where multiple references to qunit.js were copied into the generated test harness.

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  • I’ve found a few issues with the Jasmine support when using it along with Jasmine-species. I’ll raise an issue on CodePlex.

  • Thanks Dan,

    I followed up on the Chutzpah CodePlex page.

  • I have unitTests with jasmine-jquery and my fixturePath defined.
    When run Chutzpah, my fixture.html file aren’t copied to temp folder, this a bug ?

    • The way Chutzpah currently works, it won’t copy over your test fixture. It will copy over relevant content from the existing fixture and create a new one.

      Does this behavior cause an issue for you? What logic is in your fixture HTML that isn’t present in the one Chutzpah creates?


      • I have this code:

        describe("plugin tests ", function() {

        jasmine.getFixtures().fixturesPath = "fixtures";

        beforeEach(function () {
        //I using jasmine-jquery

        And my structure directory:
        Scripts -> Test -> fixtures -> myfixture.html
        Scripts -> Test -> myplugin.test.js

        When Chutzpah run jasmine-jquery try request myfixture.html, but it don’t is there because no was copy to temp folder.

        How solution this ?
        How using chutzpah with fixtures in my tests ?

  • Chutzpah currently doesn’t support this. Chutzpah needs to know which files to copy, it does this by either scanning your current test harness for its references or scanning the “///