Chutzpah 1.2.0 Released

A new version of Chutzpah is now live on Visual Studio Gallery, CodePlex and now NuGet.

This release contains the following changes.

1. Added the Chutzpah console runner as a NuGet package. Once installed the Chutzpah.Console.exe file will be located in the Tools directory of the Chutzpah package.

2. Added ability from command line and Visual Studio to have Chutzpah scan for test files when you execute it on a folder. This helps alleviate a pain point that arises when you break your JavaScript tests into multiple files. Before this change you would have to specify each file individually in the call to the console runner. Now it can take a folder name instead of a file name.

chutzpah.console.exe someFolder/jsTests

When Chutzpah sees that you provided a folder it will scan recursively within that folder for .js files and run any it believes are QUnit test files.

3. Fixed a bug that caused Chutzpah to error on read-only files. This can be quite common since many source control systems can put files in this state.

4. Added a command line flag /OpenInBrowser which makes Chutzpah open the test files in your default browser.  This can be helpful since it allows you to debug the tests more easily.

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  • NV

    Hello Matthew,
    I’m trying to use Chutzpah for QUnit tests run, but have a problem with test run by right mouse click. I did not create html file for this test. I have asynchronous test that works fine if run with chutzpah in a browser, but it does not work is run not in browser error I get is:
    System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: browserTestFileResult.BrowserOutput
    at Chutzpah.TestResultsBuilder.Build(BrowserTestFileResult browserTestFileResult)
    at Chutzpah.TestRunner.RunTestsFromHtmlFile(String headlessBrowserPath, String jsTestRunnerPath, TestContext testContext, List`1 testResults, ITestMethodRunnerCallback callback)
    at Chutzpah.TestRunner.RunTests(IEnumerable`1 testPaths, TestOptions options, ITestMethodRunnerCallback callback)

    Is it possible to run asynchronous tests without launching browser?


  • That is interesting. I think it should work with async tests.
    I can test this and if needed make a bug fix in the next release of Chutzpah if there is an issue.

    Can you file the issue you describe above at:
    and attach sample tests that reproduce your issues.

    Thanks a lot,

  • Any plans for jasmine support?


  • Definitely, there is a developer right now who has forked the project on CodePlex and is in the beginning stages of adding this functionality.


  • QUnit.asyncTest runs perfectly from a QUnit html testrunner page but fails to run in the Chutzpah test runner. Is it me?