My name is Matthew Manela and I am an agile software developer who has a passion for creating test driven and high quality websites, web services and applications.

I went to college at Binghamton University where I got a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Mathematics. I later went to the University of Washington and received a master’s degree in Computer Science.

I work as a software developer at Microsoft where I work on several web applications. My team follows an agile methodology where we release monthly and write our code using TDD and Pair Programming.

In my spare time I work on several side projects such as the open source Snippet Designer which is Visual Studio designer for code snippets and Chutzpah which is a test runner for QUnit and Jasmine JavaScript unit tests.

The name of this site means “lost in code”.  The word “farblondzhet” is Yiddish for lost or bewildered.